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Luxury Yachts of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Luxury Yachts in Los Cabos, MexicoNothing beats having your own private pool while on vacation. Early morning swims, late-night dips, sunbathing in privacy and room for the kids to splash all they want. But what if you had an entire ocean to yourself, and what if your villa was floating?

In Los Cabos, personalized luxury accommodations come in many forms—boutique hotels, beach resorts, luxury villas and more—and Earth, Sea & Sky Vacations is the first to offer luxury at 25 knots.



“It's probably the most ideal place on the planet to either see a sunset or the stars at night…that's part of the unique experience,” said Jim Merritt, a Dallas medical professional who travels to Los Cabos four times a year and rents luxury yachts and villas through Earth, Sea & Sky Vacations. “If you wake up to the sunrise and there's no land around, that's really incredible. The camaraderie of being with your family or friends out there on an extended cruise is something very special.”


More large yachts—70 feet and over—than ever before will be gracing the Cabo San Lucas Marina this season, providing exclusive access to luxury live-aboard vacations previously unavailable to Los Cabos visitors.


“ It just hasn't been available before,” said Don Hirschaut, president of Earth, Sea & Sky Vacations. “The luxury yachts are very much associated with the luxury villas. You can actually use the yachts as accommodations as well as a platform for adventure. You can fish, lounge on the decks and play in the water all while enjoying a truly unique getaway and amenities rivaling those of fine hotels.”


Private Jacuzzi at your luxury villa in Los Cabos, MexicoLuxury yacht prices range from $2,500 to $8,000 per day with a wide variety of activities available. Visitors can snorkel with sea lions, fish till their heart's content, watch pelicans swoop above the waves or kayak along craggy coves. For an extra touch of luxury, plasma-screen TVs, private bathrooms, luxurious linens and gourmet chefs are available to pamper guests aboard. For groups of six to 12 people who wish to explore the Sea of Cortez on an extended adventure, weeklong trips range from $25,000 to $50,000.


“Guests can get away from it all while exploring the many delightful islands and the pristine Baja wilderness,” Hirschaut said. “It becomes an expedition and an adventure, but a luxury one. You can go off and explore the island then come back to a sumptuous meal on the yacht.”

Fishing is king on the luxury yachts, but there's more to a weeklong trip than angling. SCUBA diving, jet skiing, windsurfing, kayaking, snorkeling and waterskiing are some of the most popular activities, and an advantage of Earth, Sea & Sky's luxury live-aboard yachts is that there's space enough for everyone to do as they please. “ I'll come down at least once a year and bring down my extended family,” Merritt said. “Even the people who want to come but don't necessarily enjoy the fishing have room to roam around or lay out.”


A week at sea may not be everyone's idea of a dream vacation, but Earth, Sea & Sky Vacations' offerings could convince even the most avid landlubber. From the 60-foot Blue Thunder to the 111-foot Crystal, all of Earth, Sea & Sky Vacation's luxury yachts offer exquisite accommodations, elegantly appointed staterooms with private bathrooms, expert chefs and some of the best captains to navigate the waters of Los Cabos. For a list of Earth, Sea & Sky Vacation's complete yacht options visit and select “yachts” in the property search tool Or, call 1-800-745-2226 to speak with a customer service representative who can help you choose the yacht that best suits your vacation needs.


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